We rise by lifting others, together we are strongest.

After having many years of experience in the industry, M International was founded and is being led by a top international management team and MLM business professionals. This is a company that provides amazing opportunities to millions of people around the world, who are committed to reforming the international MLM business, creating a whole new chapter, opening the doors to its members to achieve their dreams and aspirations, and keeping this industry thriving.

M International’s motto of BRIDGING THE DREAMS, speaks volumes for itself and we aim to create internationally recognized leader who will raise the name of their countries for the world to see and admire.

It's to enhance the reputation of the industry and create wealth for everyone because some people have lost their faith in the MLM business due to a handful of unscrupulous people and illegitimate activities.

Unfortunately, there are some people who can't distinguish the difference between good and bad companies or businesses. This is a manifestation that the MLM business, an industry which has been around for over decades, are still operating with outdated approaches without making any changes or innovations and development. This inextricably is linked to the leaders who run an MLM business.

These leaders of MLM businesses are managing the company in an abstract way with their own thoughts only profitable for the company. Its members are being led by them with an unrealistic way and does not bring practical benefits to their lives.

Success of M International

The 21st century is an era of choosing a strong leader to conquer with intelligence, mindset and leadership skills, not just led by a company.

M International is a company with strong leaders who are able to introduce the latest advanced technology of the 21st century, to provide its members with high-quality products and who can make and implement policies that truly benefits its leaders and members.

Through proper leadership and management, M International is led by a strong and ethical leader and has launched its operations aiming to expand wide and far in the industry and has gained many members in three continents in a very short period of time. This is a manifestation that the policies and plans of the leaders are being reached out to members in our company.

It is worth mentioning, other companies with a long history are emulating our operations and marketing plans, and the policies and plans. On one hand, this is a good sign that our goals are being fulfilled, and the fact that the leaders of other international MLM companies are following in our footsteps, is spreading positive attitudes among companies and changing them. But it is shameful that there are leaders and companies who are stealing our ideas out of greed for money.

Policies and Plans

I would like to say that the all policies and plans of M International, comes from the heart of a true leader, together with our management team, who are working to make this MLM business a great legacy for future generations and to change the lives of millions of independent business owners around the world, to make their dreams come true.

Members who are ranked Diamonds in the MLM industry are losing their faith and are discouraged for not being rewarded with a car and in some cases, a home to call their own, even though they had a strong run in business for many years. I am ashamed that there is no real change in the lives of its members as a result of their many years of work, although their company has succeeded financially and become a world “leader”.

M International has adopted a member-centered policy, which we believe is a first in the MLM industry, to honor its Diamond Directors with a pin embroidered with diamonds on white gold and also rewarded with a car. It has been a policy that appreciates the work of its members and made a real change in their lives.

The MLM business is the only business in the world that develops, trains and educates individuals into being independent business owners with soft skills needed to cope in the world today, much more than what a fresh university graduate would get. It's a business where many people find their dreams and aspirations, and even creates positive impact to their family relationships. That's why I LOVE the MLM business...

Only the best do the MLM business and I'm ashamed to see this wonderful business being ruined by a few people who would rather pursue it only for their own personal interest and benefit.

I'm ashamed that there is no value, no sense and no self-respect in those people.
M International has initiated the following activities inn order to increase the value of our MLM business,

  • Leaders who are working in MLM industry to have a day of celebration around the world on 12th of October every year;
  • To have its own uniform that reflects the image of the business and highlights the leaders;
  • Humanitarian works i.e. Charity Events, organized all around the world;
  • A training academy set up under M International, that provides practical skills, training and teach ethics of the MLM business to our members systematically and consequently it has opened an opportunity to create amazing leaders who could become a voice behalf of their countries and compete internationally, all around the world;
  • International festivals and events will be organized in the countries where M International is present to demonstrate our many features, benefits and advantages;
  • Our International Policy and Planning of M International are designed to be in line with the country's laws, customs and citizens;

These policies and plans are just the beginning...

Now I would like to address with courtesy to the leaders of other companies that are imitating operations and policies of our company:

It is said that stagnant water evaporates, but running water always wells out.
To be imitating blindly what we are doing, for what purpose and not knowing what our intentions are, might end up badly for them.

May I ask a question to the other leaders who are in the MLM industry?...
Are you still looking at others, wondering and sitting in silence?...
It is true that there are many skillful leaders in the MLM business sector. But take a look at where you are and where you are leading others...

As long as you're in the MLM business, you're the one who can keep the business going, keep it bright and hopeful, make a difference and be a voice for others.

This is




Would you like to be an ordinary person who admires the achievements of others? Or rather be someone who is negative, who denies what others have done in a proper manner?

Will you be a leader who will create new achievements and new histories with us and will astonish others with your success? ...


The most powerful and true leader is the one who appreciates and respects what others do, create, think, and change for the better.

Are you a real leader? If so, join us...
Let's MAKE CHANGES and REFORMS in the MLM industry together!

I would like to appeal to all world leaders - Let's unite in creating a whole new CHAPTER, Let’s rewrite HISTORY!!! …

Finally, I would say that no matter how much one opposes our company and business model or imitate to become like us, it is highly unlikely to catch up with what we have done and achieved.

REMEMBER that everything has a time...

So right now, whether you like it or not, it's time for us, M International...

Even though you don't join us in our mission, we will succeed, but we know you will achieve the success you aim for when you join hands with us.

The doors of M International are always open to anyone who wants to join us...

You will be the most honored member of our company.

We will be the Bridge To You Dreams!!!
Hurai Hurai Hurai

Bayarbold Enhkhishig, CVO
M International

The doors of M International are always open to anyone who wants to join us...

You will be the most honored member of our company.

We will be the Bridge To You Dreams!!!
Hurai Hurai Hurai

Bayarbold Enhkhishig, CVO
M International


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